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Buy FANTINI coffee to take home!

Buy FANTINI coffee to take home!

Do you remember the delicious coffee you drank at Casa Nostra?  From today you can enjoy our coffee – FANTINI –  at home!

BUY 250g of delicious Italian ground coffee for €6.95!

finely textured with a gentle intensity, a refined taste and aroma from the finest Arabica coffee. This blend offers a wide variety of aromatic sensations with a pleasant aftertaste, with hints of chocolate and ripe fruit.

FANTINI GOLD BLEND well balanced and intense, with a hint of spice and a great after taste, produced by some of the best Arabica coffee from Central America and African Robusta. A harmonious, intense aroma and the right body to satisfy the most demanding palates.

FANTINI DEK BLEND the best Central American coffee roasted and carefully blended to produce a cup which is sweet and full of body. This mixture is decaffeinated using modern processes to ensure purity while preserving the taste and aroma of the classic espresso.

We also have coffee beans available for sale! (€18/kg)

FANTINI SELEZIONE – A clean smooth finish.  A well balanced cup that is juicy with a hint of spice and a wonderful finish given from some of the best washed Arabica from Central America and Robusta from Ethiopia. A mellow and forgiving coffee, this is one of the most popular blends for its round smooth flavours, ideal for the everyday customer.



The Tenute Ciaccio extra virgin olive oil is certified “Organic” and provides you with a unique singular and unforgettable journey into the Sicilian home territories.  The product is a blend, with very particular organoleptic characteristics, that follows an old family recipe, producing an elixir of life containing the wisdom of the century old olive trees.

The olives are sourced from different plots, each with its own unique properties, that together contribute to the creation of the final product.  These plots are referred to as “holdings” or in Italian “Tenute” and it is this name that emphasises the producers commitment to the traditions and customs of the past, while maintaining healthiness and sustainability.

The 500ml bottle of Tenute Ciaccio extravirgin olive oil can be purchased at Casa Nostra for €15.