Do you remember the delicious coffee you drank at Casa Nostra?  From today you can enjoy our coffee – FANTINI –  at home!

BUY 250g of delicious Italian ground coffee for €6.95!

finely textured with a gentle intensity, a refined taste and aroma from the finest Arabica coffee. This blend offers a wide variety of aromatic sensations with a pleasant aftertaste, with hints of chocolate and ripe fruit.


FANTINI GOLD BLEND well balanced and intense, with a hint of spice and a great after taste, produced by some of the best Arabica coffee from Central America and African Robusta. A harmonious, intense aroma and the right body to satisfy the most demanding palates.


FANTINI DEK BLEND the best Central American coffee roasted and carefully blended to produce a cup which is sweet and full of body. This mixture is decaffeinated using modern processes to ensure purity while preserving the taste and aroma of the classic espresso.