Welcome to our home in name, spirt and taste!

Casa Nostra doesn’t need translation, here you feel as if you are stepping into “our home”.
Italian is spoken by our staff and guests, the familiar aromas that are stored in the warm memories of your last Italian holiday come alive and your eye is caught by the familiar, yet exotic colours of the rich antipasti buffet.

Every month we feature a different region or style, experiment with new pizza toppings and host seasonal events. Located in the most photographed, iconic art nouveau building in Riga, our Latvian credentials are also authentic as the essence of great cuisine are daily market fresh ingredients – local meat, fruit and vegetables. The decor is cosy, friendly and eclectic – as is the clientele – laughing groups of friends, incognito business discussions around the corner and families with children on the weekends.

Driven by the energy of a love story, its owners Sandra and Adriano preside over their most valuable asset – their home – that you are most welcome to share!

An Antipasti Buffet

The most striking visual treat on entering Casa Nostra is the seemingly endless selection of antipasti dishes by the window. It’s an even better taste treat! A serve-yourself plate is either €5.50 small or €7 large and you can choose from the classic grilled vegetables, cured meats or marinated mushrooms or savour Francesco’s special version of Funghi Ripieni or veal smothered with his own tangy salsa verde.  Just like in Italy, the selection changes with fresh additions all day long.

The Gastronomic Calendar

We all know all about Italian food! Casa Nosta says – maybe not! . . . . .  but we would like you to! So, every month, Casa Nostra will feature a different region of Italy or type of cuisine and present special events, tasting menus, wine and product presentations showcasing those specialities. Having marked Carnevale in Venezia and Valentine’s Day with the unique dolci particular to these festivals, sign up here if you would like to receive our programme of upcoming events.


At Casa Nostra, we have a generous selection of high quality Italian wine chosen by Adriano Carlesi himself. From a cheeky that he bought from an unknown winemaker on a dusty winding road when he got lost on the way to the autostrada, to the heavenly that he haggled long and hard for with Rome’s finest wine Merchant, here you will find a full range of wines to suit your palate and food choices.

From our Facebook Page

Casa Nostra Riga
Casa Nostra Riga3 days ago
Nupat izdotā, Irmas Kalniņas, grāmata, "Pie Galda" ļoti draudzīgā veidā māca bērniem par galda kultūru.
Ideāla ziemassvētku dāvana kuru varat iegadāties pie mums!
Casa Nostra Riga
Casa Nostra Riga5 days ago
Crazy gingerbread man!

Try our gelato taste of the month for December - gingerbread!

Decembra mēneša speciālais gelato piedāvājums - piparkūku garša!
Casa Nostra Riga
Casa Nostra Riga added 7 new photos — with Cristian Grassi and Maurizio Terracciano.7 days ago
Mazie māksliniek,i no skolotājas Brigitas darba grupas, kopā ar Sintiju Bernavu, mūs apciemoja un ļoti rosīgi zīmēja starp picu un gelato baudīšanu. Mums vienmēr ir liels prieks redzēt jūsu smaidošās sejiņas.
Always a pleasure to host the kids from the afterschool art group!
Casa Nostra Riga
Casa Nostra Riga2 weeks ago
Svinam Casa Nostra 2. dz. dienu.
visiem mūsu mīļajiem klientiem par atbalstu!
mūsu komandai; Maurizio, Cristian, Klaus, Ilvija, Ērik, Vanessa, Oļeg, Raivis, Zane, Ināra, Modris, Kitija, Gerda, Rita, Žanna, Mirabbos!
Casa Nostra Riga
Casa Nostra Riga2 weeks ago
Esam gandarīti par to ka Krista Baumane ieskaitīja Casa Nostra viņas sarakstā.
Chuffed that Krista included us in her fave restos in Riga!
Casa Nostra Riga
Casa Nostra Riga added 2 new photos — with Oleg Geinze and 2 others.1 month ago
It was a pleasure to see designer Di Liborio's work at the Riga Fashion Show and to host him at Casa Nostra.

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Buy FANTINI coffee to take home!

Do you remember the delicious coffee you drank at Casa Nostra?  From today you can enjoy our coffee - FANTINI -  at home! BUY 250g of delicious Italian ground coffee for €6.95! FANTINI BLACK BLEND finely textured with a gentle intensity, a refined taste and aroma from...

Very cosy, very good food , very good location and very affordable.

Madis Sander

Finally a true Italian restaurant in the heart of Riga!

Vika Alksne

Great location, welcoming interior, authentic delicious Italian cuisine with a warm welcome!

Baiba Rubesa